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Heart to heart: a loving energy meditation

This meditation is designed to focus the mind and heart on the people in our lives, whilst bringing us inner joy, gratitude, and relaxation benefits.

Tap into the energy at the heart center, feel the love begin to flow out of your chest. If you find this difficult, try and imagine the feeling you get inside when something good happens; that welling feeling of happiness in your chest when you see someone you love, are excited by something, or feel good about yourself. Gently focus on the feeling, and then try and imagine sending those vibes outwards. We’re going to direct that feeling to different people and things in our lives, so you may find it easier to picture someone or something in your mind at the same time.

Some people find physically connecting to the heart space allows better mental connection

There is no time limit for this practice. You can think of as many recipients, or as few, as you desire. This meditation can be experienced either by yourself, or with friends, family, or colleagues. If you are doing it in a pair or group, consider having someone to lead the meditation session. They can follow along as directed below:

1). Find a comfortable seat, either in Sukhasana or on a chair, with the soles of the feet grounding down through the floor. Find length in the spine and try to relax any areas of tension in the body you may be feeling. Take a few cleansing breaths, in through the nose and sigh them out through the mouth. Eyes can be closed or softly focused in front of you.

2). If you are by yourself, you may wish to place the fingertips of your right or left hand at your heart center to feel a connection there, and help bring your focus to that energetic region. If you are practicing in a group, you may also want to do this, but alternatively you could consider sitting in a circle with the palms of your hands connected to your neighbours’ palms. Reach out your hands with your left palm facing upwards, and your right palm facing downwards, this way you can all connect in the same way.

3). Bring your attention to your heart center and see if you can experience the energy flow there (as described above). Imagine you are filling a little well with love, and that it needs to spill out. Keep your breathing natural, steady and smooth.

4). Begin to bring someone special to mind, and see if you can gently direct your love to that person. Imagine an energy flowing from your sense of them in your mind, down and out through your heart in the center of your chest- almost like you could zap them with it if they were across the room from you! Try picturing them as you inhale, and sending out your love to them as you exhale.

5). You can think of anyone, and in any order, but here are some suggestions for you to follow if you wish. (Note that some of the options will not be easy, but if you can direct love and positive energy towards people you don’t wish to, over time this may help to ease some pain for you when you think of them. It can be healing if you allow it to be).

  • One of your favourite people in the world (e.g. your Mum/Dad, partner, best friend, etc).
  • Someone you admire either professionally or personally (e.g. your boss, a public figure, a friend or family member, etc).
  • Someone who has helped you in your life (e.g. a teacher/mentor, friend/family member, a stranger who offered you a moment of help).
  • Someone in your personal life who has caused you emotional pain in the past, whom you don’t have a good relationship with now (e.g. an ex, friend/family member, etc).
  • A pet/animal (past or present) in your life that you love(d) very much.
  • Someone at work who has upset you in some way, either past or present (e.g. a colleague, client, or patient).
  • If you are in a group you may wish to direct the loving heart energy towards the person on your left, and then the person on your right.
  • Yourself! Some people (myself included) find this one of the more challenging ones, but don’t forget you! You are worthy of love and self-acceptance.


6). When you are ready to bring your session to a close, take a few moments to reflect on how you are feeling now, compared with how you felt at the start of the meditation. Perhaps you are feeling gratitude towards the people in your life, or perhaps you are feeling a bit tender from the experience? Don’t judge your feelings; just allow them to happen.

7). Deepen your breathing and start to bring some gentle movement in to the body, open your eyes if they were closed, and energetically release the practice to go on with your day.

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