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VetYogi is now on YouTube!

I’m excited to introduce the new VetYogi YouTube channel! 

As many of you whom I’ve met, or who follow VetYogi on social media, are aware, I am trying to bring Yoga and Meditation to my fellow veterinary professionals (From Neutering to Namaste: Why one Vet decided to become a Yoga Teacher).

I passionately believe that yoga can help my colleagues the way that it has helped me; that is to manage the physical, mental, and emotional, challenges that comes with working within the veterinary industry. With this in mind, I will be posting video sequences designed for vets/vet nurses/vet receptionists/para-professionals, though of course anyone and everyone is welcome to give them a try!

Whilst I am a yoga teacher, I am primarily a veterinary surgeon, and a travelling locum one at that! I will be filming as and when I can, fitting it in around working, so please bear with me. Feedback is welcome, and feel free to let me know if there’s anything you would like to see here at VetYogi.

At this point I’d like to thank my Uncle, Trevor Conway (4 TUNE STUDIOS), who has been kind enough to lend me both his musical and video-editing talents. Trevor is a musician, and is the composer of the new VetYogi musical video intro. I’m very grateful for all of his help, and I hope you will all love the intro as much as I do.

To launch my new YouTube channel, I’m starting with a 5 minute sequence series, so that even when you’ve had a busy/long shift, you can still find even just a few minutes to make yourself, and your body, feel better. They can be done separately, or added up to make a longer sequence if you have more time/energy- I would recommend working from top to bottom in this instance, and finishing with Savasana (e.g. starting with the neck, working down to the feet).

Check out these videos to get you started, enjoy! It’s time for…


Yoga for Neck Relief | 5 minute series | VetYogi

Yoga for Shoulder Tension | 5 minute series | VetYogi

Yoga for Forearms and Wrists | 5 minute series | VetYogi

Yoga for the Upper Back | 5 minute series | VetYogi

Yoga for Lower Back Tension | 5 minute series | VetYogi

Yoga for the Core | 5 minute series | VetYogi

Yoga for Hips | 5 minute series | VetYogi

Yoga for the Legs | 5 minute series | VetYogi



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