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Lotus: Next Level Yoga Pose Series


Level 2-3: Intermediate-Advanced



  • Stable and lengthening foundation for the spine whilst seated/meditating
  • Opens the hips by improving external rotation
  • Calms the mind/nervous system, is very grounding

Contraindications/Cautions (consult your physician):

  • Injury or inflammation of the ankles, knees, or pelvis.
  • Do not practice this pose without an instructor present if you are a beginner, or until you have more experience.
  • Fine in pregnancy unless there is swelling of the legs, as this can limit circulation for a short time.
Padmasana on grass
Build up to this posture with regular and gentle practice. Be kind to yourself!
  1. Start in a seated position with the legs extended out in front (Dandasana).
  2. Bring the right foot up towards the body and into the groin, so that the dorsal aspect of the right foot is lying across the left thigh.
  3. Repeat step 2 but this time bring the left foot up to lie across the right thigh, with the legs crossed in the middle.
  4. Hands may be resting on knees/thighs, in a mudra, or together at heart centre (like in the pic). Breathe!
  5. Carefully unfold the legs and put them back out in front in Dandasana, shake them out, and then repeat steps 2-4 but with the opposite leg first, and then on top.


  • When first starting only hold for a few seconds each side, and then gradually build up to being comfortable in this posture for longer.
  • You can also use ARDHA PADMASANA, or half lotus, as a way to build into this posture. This involves only placing one foot on top of the opposite leg, and then having the other leg just on the ground with the foot under the opposite knee.
Half lotus on rocks
Ardha Padmasana, or half lotus, shown here with hands up in Guyan Mudra


For meditation ideas, see the VetYogi Meditations/Pranayama page!


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