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Positive Psych Solutions and VetYogi present a Webinar: ‘Managing Stress and Meditating: A Guide for Veterinary Professionals’

Calling all veterinary professionals! Whether you’re a vet within, or outside of, clinical practice, a valued member of the nursing/tech or management team, or the face of the clinic in reception, here’s a date for your diaries:

Wednesday 7th November 2018.

I will have the honour of presenting a live webinar alongside Dr. Nadine Hamilton, the psychologist behind the Love Your Pet Love Your Vet movement, and to say I am excited is an understatement! Dr. Nadine is a leading authority on veterinary wellbeing, with years of experience working alongside the veterinary industry conducting research in this, her specialist field. Dr. Nadine runs her consultancy Positive Psych Solutions, which specifically aims to help veterinary professionals to regain their wellbeing and quality of life. During the webinar she will be sharing her best, evidence-based tips on how to manage stress levels.


webinar nov 18- sm+med

As for me, I am the vet and the yogi behind VetYogi! My name is Dr. Chloe Hannigan, and I am a practicing veterinarian, and a yoga and meditation teacher. I have worked throughout the UK, Australia, and NZ over the last few years, and share the same passion as Dr. Nadine for improving wellbeing and quality of life amongst my fellow veterinary professionals. To find out more see About VetYogi or From Neutering to Namaste: Why one Vet decided to become a Yoga Teacher. During the webinar I will be explaining a bit about what meditation is; different styles of meditation, how we can fit in time for it in our busy lives, and the research-based benefits, before finishing the session with a relaxing, guided meditation, so that everyone present can try it for themselves.

Sounding like it might be just what you need? The webinar will be live and also recorded, so if you can’t make the specific date or time (and I’m looking at all my Northern Hemisphere colleagues here!), it will be available to you at your convenience.

Please see below for all of the details:

webinar nov 18- sm+med

This webinar is eligible for 1 hour Continued Professional Development (CPD)* and a certificate of completion will be provided

*Eligibility for NZ and UK practising vets/nurses. Those from other countries will need to consult their CPD guidelines/authority for confirmation.




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