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The ‘Surgery to Sanctuary’ Event Programme (NZ 2019)

You may have seen recently that I have been talking a lot on about an upcoming special event I am co-hosting, with Sylvie Mclean, here in NZ in February 2019, called ‘Surgery to Sanctuary‘. We are proud to present two one-day retreats into the ancient practices of yoga and meditation, but in ways specifically designed to help modern-day busy veterinary professionals.

The reason we are so in tune with how yoga and meditation can be applied to the unique stresses and challenges that those working within the veterinary industry face, is because as well as both being qualified yoga teachers, Sylvie and I are practising veterinarians! We have been there, done that, bought the scrubs and yoga pants…

Here’s some more information on the events:

sts poster 2-cost

For more information on why we are the perfect team to be offering yoga and meditation retreats to vets and nurses, see Introducing the duo behind ‘Surgery to Sanctuary’ in NZ (Feb 2019)

We know how precious time off can be in our industry, so that is why we have scheduled them for Sundays (as more veterinary clinics are open on Saturdays than Sundays in NZ) so you are less likely to have to take time off or arrange a swap. We understand how vital it is on your days off to do things you enjoy, and have time to relax; so we have included enough sessions purely to help you to unwind and restore, in lovely locations close to nature.

We also know that when you are giving up your time away from work to do something work-related, it helps to gain some points towards Continued Education (CE). We have ensured that because our sessions are tailored specifically towards improving your wellbeing as veterinary professionals, Surgery to Sanctuary is eligible to be counted for 3 hours of CPD, and each participant will receive a certificate of attendance.

So, what exactly will you be doing for the day if you attend? Wonder no more, as here is the event schedule in full:

copy of event programme

For the full PDF, click here: Surgery to Sanctuary Event Programme NZ19

If this sounds like just what you need, then join us in either Christchurch (3rd February 2019) or Auckland (10th February 2019), or share it with your veterinary colleagues, friends or family who could benefit from a day in Sanctuary!

Email with any questions, or to request a booking form. 


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