Yoga and Meditation for Veterinary Professionals: Auckland 2019

Want to learn about yoga and meditation in a gorgeous setting, surrounded by like-minded veterinary colleagues?

Care to know how you can utilise these ancient practices to improve your wellbeing within the profession?

Is it important to you that your teachers have first-hand experience of the challenges we face within our veterinary roles, and know how to tailor yoga and meditation to our industry?

Need a boost on your annual continued education hours?

Fancy a day off cooking to enjoy delicious and nutritious catering, with lunch, and morning and afternoon teas provided?

Freebies anyone? Reusable water bottles and jandals gifted to every attendant, kindly provided by the support of VetPartners NZ.

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then ‘Surgery to Sanctuary’ is the veterinary yoga CPD event for you! See below for further details, and email vetyogi@outlook.com if you have any questions, or would like a booking form.

For more info on the event leaders, Dr. Chloe Hannigan (VetYogi) and Dr. Sylvie Mclean (Exotic Immersions), see HERE.


sts akl nzva day


Sadly we had to cancel our Christchurch event, so we are hoping to make the Auckland one extra special. See our event itinerary below:


copy of event programme



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