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VetYogi Yoga and Meditation Classes for Veterinary Professionals

Having recently moved back to the UK from NZ, I am settling in to being home again, and Spring is always a lovely time to be here. For those who don’t know, I am a locum veterinary surgeon and a qualified yoga teacher, so my priorities in coming home are to continue to do the job I love (vetting has it’s downsides, but on the whole, I still love it), and build up my VetYogi business and offerings. To know more about why I am so passionate about combining being a vet and yoga teacher, see here: From Neutering to Namaste: Why one Vet decided to become a Yoga Teacher.

I am fortunate and grateful that 2019 is shaping up to be a fulfilling year on the VetYogi side of things: I hosted my first ever yoga and meditation one-day retreat for veterinary professionals, Surgery to Sanctuary, in NZ; I have been featured in the Vet Record ‘Careers’ section; will be returning to teach at the wonderful veterinary wellness conference, WellVet Weekend, in September; and am delighted to be speaking at the London Vet Show (LVS) in November, on behalf of the British Veterinary Association (BVA). Exciting times ahead! It is my intention to host a UK version of ‘Surgery to Sanctuary’ at some point in the future- watch this space!

Recently I have been thinking more about what I can offer groups or individual veterinary professionals in terms of yoga and meditation classes, and am looking forward to teaching a special class dedicated to veterinary wellbeing in Lancashire next month (see details HERE if you’d like to attend). If you would like to have a yoga class at your clinic, place of work, or home, see the prices below for 2019/20:

VY Yoga Class Pricelist 2019-20

My availability will be subject to my schedule and your location, however, please always feel free to get in touch to discuss your requirements, as I frequently travel for work up and down the country, so organising a class is usually in the realms of distinct, if not immediate, possibility. Email, or use the Contact page for enquiries.

The VetYogi YouTube channel is also always available for those you needing a quick online class, and content will continue to be added as much as possible.



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