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Neck Stretch Sequence: Foundation Yoga Pose Series

NECK STRETCHES Level 1: Beginner Benefits: Eases tension in the neck and shoulders Can help with headaches Can gently improve range of motion in the neck over time Aids relaxation Connects movement to breath Contraindications/Cautions (consult your physician): Injuries/inflammation of the cervical spine, discs, vertebrae, including atlantoaxial joint If you find sitting on the floor… Continue reading Neck Stretch Sequence: Foundation Yoga Pose Series

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Cat-Cow: Animal Yoga Pose Series

Marjaryasana-Bitilasana Level 1: Beginner  Benefits: Relieves tension in the spinal muscles, and mobilises the spine and scapulae Promotes synchronisation of the breath and movement, helps to calm the mind Gently strengthens the abdominal muscles  Contraindications/Cautions (consult your physician): Back/spinal injuries. Pregnant women should not do the ‘Cat’ element to avoid compression of the abdomen, return… Continue reading Cat-Cow: Animal Yoga Pose Series