Calming experience for a first-time yogi:

“I’d never tried yoga before, but I’m always open to trying new things. It’s surprising how focusing on breathing can calm you and relax your body. I walked away feeling less tense in my body and more chilled out in my mind. Will definitely try to continue with it. Thank you, Chloe!” – Vicky B, RVN

Breathing helped with relaxation:

“A good balance of casual, friendly teaching, and professionalism. I felt awkward to start off with, but Chloe helped me to synchronise breath to the stretches, and I soon found myself concentrating on my breathing, and relaxing. I enjoyed my VetYogi experience!” -Leanne P, RVN

Meditation inspires reflection:

“Thoroughly enjoyed the meditation sessions both days. Will be incorporating more reflection time into my day-to-day from now on. What a difference a couple of days [at WellVet Weekend 2018] can make!” – Amanda J, Vet.

Even 5 minutes of yoga can make a difference:

“I’ve been doing the VetYogi 5 minute yoga series (on YouTube) every day before work, and it has made a huge difference!” – Kat B, Vet

See VetYogi YouTube Videos if you’d like to try them for yourself! – VY


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