Hear what others have to say about VetYogi classes and workshops…

Calming experience for a first-time yogi:

“I’d never tried yoga before, but I’m always open to trying new things. It’s surprising how focusing on breathing can calm you and relax your body. I walked away feeling less tense in my body and more chilled out in my mind. Will definitely try to continue with it. Thank you, Chloe!” – Vicky B, RVN

Breathing helped with relaxation:

“A good balance of casual, friendly teaching, and professionalism. I felt awkward to start off with, but Chloe helped me to synchronise breath to the stretches, and I soon found myself concentrating on my breathing, and relaxing. I enjoyed my VetYogi experience!” -Leanne P, RVN

Meditation inspires reflection:

“Thoroughly enjoyed the meditation sessions both days. Will be incorporating more reflection time into my day-to-day from now on. What a difference a couple of days [at WellVet Weekend 2018] can make!” – Amanda J, Vet

Even 5 minutes of yoga can make a difference:

“I’ve been doing the VetYogi 5 minute yoga series (on YouTube) every day before work, and it has made a huge difference!” – Kat B, Vet

See VetYogi YouTube Videos if you’d like to try them for yourself! – VY

Yoga is good for busy minds with chaotic schedules:

“Yoga was something I had never tried before, and I never thought I would be relaxed enough to do it. VetYogi taught me that even people with busy minds, such as vets, can learn to take time to wind down and block out the chaos of the day. Thanks VetYogi!” – Lorna H, Vet

Useful yoga and meditation techniques for beginners:

 “I was pleasantly surprised by the number of useful techniques in yoga and meditation that were covered.  I returned home feeling much better equipped to incorporate some of these into my daily routine.” – Diana G, Vet

Yoga helps with the stresses of day-to-day lives as vets:
‘The Vetyogi course at Bethell’s Beach was awesome –  a fantastic venue and amazing food. Really useful stuff to help with the stresses in our day to day lives as vets. Chloe and Sylvie have so much knowledge and are passionate in what they do.
The last session of the day in yogic sleep was incredibly relaxing – my apologies for snoring….I would highly recommend this course to all vets.” – Andrea M, Vet
Surgery to Sanctuary encouraged conscious caring:
“Thank you Chloe and Sylvie, I’ve noticed that I’m making a more conscious effort to really care for myself and colleagues. We had a patient go into very unexpected cardiac arrest yesterday and due to the quick action of myself and nurses were successful in resuscitating her. I messaged the two nurses that helped me last night to congratulate them and express how proud I was with our teamwork. We all work in such an intense, busy industry, and it can be easy to forget how amazingly skilled and talented we are.”  – Amber K, Vet
Meeting like-minded colleagues is encouraging:
“Thank you so much for organising the day. It was nice to meet other people who share the same level of importance for wellness and mindfulness.
It’s always so encouraging to attend these events! Hopefully this feeling will last and help me set some routine and daily (or regular) practices.” – Kylie K, Vet